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Enfield Learning Trust


Established in September 2016, the Enfield Learning Trust is a formal partnership between a collection of Enfield based schools. The Trust appoint the members of the Interim Management Board. The Board of Trustees, together with our three Founder members and Interim Management Board are working to ensure that we deliver the very best education.  The Trust thrives on sharing best practice and our core principles while ensuring that each school has a unique character and ethos.

Please follow the link to the Enfield Learning Trust website:

The Chesterfield Interim Management Board provides close scrutiny of teaching, learning and achievement at the school and has parental representation. The Board of Trustees will provide an oversight of all aspects of the work of the school, the Trust as a whole and ensure that we make best use of all the resources that are available. 

Postition Name Date Appointed End of Term
Chair Matt Miller 20.03.19 19.03.23
CEO Sarah Turner 20.03.19 NA
CSO Paul Barraclough 20.03.19 19.03.23
1 x HT from each school Zoe Hussain 20.07.19 NA

1 x Staff from each school


Kelly Gradwell - Chesterfield

Laura Astrita - Fern House

Androulla Georgio - Delta







2 Parents or 1 Parent from each school Vacancies x 3    
Appointed by TB - Vice Chair of IMB & NLG) David Backhouse 20.03.19 19.03.23
Appointed by TB Jon Simms 17.09.19 16.09.23


Chesterfield Primary Interim Management Board

Contact details for the Chair of the Fern House School Interim Management Board are as follows:

Matt Miller