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Reading with your child

At Chesterfield, we aim to develop a love of reading from the beginning of a child’s learning journey with us and value the role of parents as partners in this vital task. You will notice that starting this term your child(ren) has two reading books.  One that follows the school reading scheme and will continue to be the book that is chosen to be at the child’s appropriate reading level.  This is the book that will support their reading journey and help them become fluent readers. Please continue to listen to your child read this book every day when they come home from school and record their progress in their reading record books. For help on how to support your child please see the document below which sets out what you can do at every reading level - A PARENTS' GUIDE TO BOOK BANDS.

The second book is a book that they take home for pleasure. This book is to share with the family and may be one that they want to have read to them.  It may be too hard for them to read alone; or it may be a book that is very easy for them to read, but they particularly like to look at the pictures.  We want to foster a love of all books, so please encourage your child(ren) to share these books at home.